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1. Delizia

Having over 5 branches in Karachi, this bakery has an incredible variety to offer. Belgian Malt among all is one of my favorite flavors. Their cakes are designed elegantly and taste scrumptious without a doubt.

Source: Delizia

2. Pie in The Sky

Be it their Chocolate Fudge Cakes, Cheese-cakes or mouth-watering Brownies; everything is available fresh, hygienic and tasty. They have some of the best cakes in Karachi and everything available here will certainly kill your sweet cravings.

Pie in the sky
Source: Pin in the sky

3. Del Frio

Del Frio is one of the fastest growing food chain in Karachi that offers scrumptious desserts. Putting your trust in Del Frio for delicious cakes is a safe bet and like many locals from the city, you will not regret it. When you get a chance to visit Del Frio, don’t forget to try their cookies!

Del Frio
Source: Del Frio

4. Bakelicious

A few of their cakes have been the buzz of K-town for quite a while. Offering a variety of specialty cakes, Bakelicious has established a name for itself within a matter of weeks. From cakes to brownies, this bakery won’t fail to deliver what was promised. A must try!

Source: Bakelicious

5. Cinnabon

Cinnabon is best known for its Cinnabon Rolls. Its fresh buns laced with delicious icing and cinnamon are hard to avoid. It is not known for being a proper restaurant, but you can get some quick desserts while you are shopping at the mall.

Source: Cinnabon

6. Red Riding Hood Bakery

One of the favorite bakeries in Karachi that offer brilliant customized cakes. The bakery is also known for their mouth-watering brownies topped with almonds and dried berries.

Red riding hood bakery
Source: Red riding hood bakery

7. Lals Patisserie

This is the only bakery where you can find a variety of desserts and every single one of them are scrumptious. It offers different kinds of desserts, gelatos, macaroons, gourmet fries and waffle with ice cream. 

Lals Patissserie
Source: Lals Patisserie

To sum up, Karachi fulfills the cravings of desserts with a bang-on variety. There is something different for everyone, as per the preference of their palate. Didn’t we just make your life sweet and delicious?